When in doubt, nothing is a good thing to do

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 21:10:15 -0800

Adam's basically right -- and certainly so about @Home -- but I fear
the correction may be sooner still. I just don't have any ideas what
to move my money into, though... Ginnie Mae paper looks reasonable;
Maybe even a T-bill of my own if yields stay where they are :-)



Subject: Re: Smurfberry crunch is fun to eat. Date: 3/4/99 7:22 PM
Author: IFindKarma

Kestral in post #2443:
>So what to do? I think I may just do nothing.
When in doubt, nothing is a good thing to do.

>I think that Rimpinths may be partially correct. I don't think we're
> in a bubble but I think the market is expecting a correction like
> the one we had in Oct 98.

I think we're in a bubble. But I don't have any idea when that bubble
might end. And I'm 90% certain we'll see a correction like
July-October98 sometime this year.

The real question is, does it stop there, or does it "keep on going"
in full-blown apocalyptic fury? The answer to that one, I do not know.

>Regarding Athm, I was wondering Adam, have you tried it yet? Because
> I use it and once you I started using it, I can't go back to
> telephone, there's just no way - I think I'd sooner go insane from
> the wait.

Several friends have Charter Communications modems. I have used them.
I was not impressed. I find that the 56k line is more than sufficient
for the work I do at home, and when I need more juice (which is very
rare right now), the T3 lines at work blow away anything a cable
modem can give us.

I don't doubt that broadband will be big. I just wonder who the
winners in the forthcoming broadband war will be. @Home has a great
advantage as a first mover, but first movers don't always win. Its
stock price leaves very little room for disappointment.

By the way, Michael Armstrong came out today and said, AT&T will not
be acquiring AOL. So we go back to defining the battle lines again...