RE: A note from the Gita on friendship

Tim Byars (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 14:49:45 -0800

At 8:51 PM -0800 3/6/99, Rohit Khare did the job with this:

> [I can't say I didn't think of Adam :-]

dude, really stop all this gayness for Adam.

> VERSE 10
> ... at that time Krsna, smiling, in the midst of both the armies,
> spoke the following words to the grief-stricken Arjuna.


> VERSE 11
> The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: While speaking learned
> words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who
> are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.

Wait a minute here. Is this the same joboronni that said to me, and I
quote, "Baba Ram Dass? He's an idiot"



Bring it on...