Re: who's on the XML WG?

Mark Baker (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 23:03:56 -0500

Just a cute snippet from a discussion on XML-DEV about the secrecy of the
W3C WGs.

Definitely .sig material.

>Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 14:26:18 +1100
>From: Rick Jelliffe <>
>Subject: Re: who's on the XML WG?
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>Lisa Rein wrote:
>>> yes the cloak and dagger stuff is amusing, isn't it. yet necessary.
>I think there should be more secrecy, not less. Look at our impatience
>at waiting 2 or more years for links, for example: the WGs are cruel
>vixen toying with us.
>Of course, pre-announcement helps keep up the buzz I suppose. The RDF
>spec is so good I think it should have been kept secret indefinitely.