Re: 100% Java Web browser

Mark Baker (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:41:12 -0500

You set me up, didn't you Jim?! What a guy ... 8-)

We delivered our 1.0 browser just last week after a gruelling QA schedule
(well, not too gruelling for me considering I hardly worked on it).


Yah, they've been around for a while.

There's others too, such as another Ottawa company, Espial Group's Escape; Pay no attention to that nasty anti-Beduin
comment - that version is at least 6 months old. They claim it does
everything ours does in 120k, but I guarantee you they don't.

>HTML 3.2 compliant, including
> Tables
> Applets
> Forms
> Frames
>HTTP support
> Redirects
> Authentication
> Cookies

Got it, got it, got it ..

>NLS Internationalization.
>Forgiving HTML Parser.

Amen to that. If HTML was properly specified, I bet our browser would be
half the size it is now.

The Pearls Browser (ne Impact, ne KT Impact) is 280k of bytecode, and has
had about 1 years worth of work put into it to ensure it "properly" <cough,
choke, gag> renders the bulk of HTML out there today.

It's going to play a "prominent" role at JavaOne. You'll have to attend to
see what I mean.