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Tom Whore (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 17:11:00 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Mark Baker wrote:

--]>Forgiving HTML Parser.
--]Amen to that. If HTML was properly specified, I bet our browser would be
--]half the size it is now.

I got into a majopr drunken arguemtn about this the other week.

I have begun to add a news feed onto the WSMF broadcasts, nothing major
yet, just me reading four or five stories a week (mostly read, with
permission, from tasty bits) and inserting them into
the stream. I did one on HTML Smudging..The reaction was both amusing and

There was one side of the table, literlay, who wanted there to be controls
of "fixing" bad code in each browser. The other side wanted stripped down
browsers with NO tolerance for badly formed html. For them all the user
should see is a default page stating "the author of this page is a knuckle
head, write them and tell them they need to learn ore about html before
publishing works on the net". One fella wanted any page with the Front
Page tag (front page, destined to bloat a page by 10x with font tags
alone) to be immediatley destroyed with a message tating "this page is
hamfull to your browing pleasure, just say no to web pollution".

Personaly, i work in a real life office, I can see the need for "fixing"
code on the browser end. I would hate the servers to do it, we would be
awash with Apache vs MS vs NS compliant fixed code.

On the other hand, id love to teach the world to HTML, etc etc etc(insert
pepsi or coke or something here) But is this realistic? Nope.

On other Java fronts. ...Is it me or are MS product working better with
Java now? Lawsuits, maybe they do work:)-

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