RE: 100% Java Web browser

Tim Byars (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 21:16:04 -0800

On 3/23/99 at 5:44 PM -0800, Tom Whore ran this line:

> While I agree with the sentiment in general, i have seen real world
> examples of folks growing up thru experience. In an environment like the
> one a lot of office folks are in , doing HTML now has replaced doing WP.
> People who were one time paper pushers are now being called on to make Web
> PAges. Do we tell them all "go away until you can reach this high on the
> Chucky Chese sign"? Does anyone even have that sort of authority?

As one of the greatest designers to walk this planet following in the
footsteps of Paul Rand, I can honestly say, great designers are not
made, their born.



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