RE: Apple Sauce

Kragen Sitaker (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:02:11 -0500 (EST)

Tim Byars wrote:
> It sounds to me more like infighting amongst the OSI than any real
> issue with what Apple has done.

OSI is wholly with Apple, as far as anyone can tell. It's just that
much of the rest of the free-software community is opposed to what
Apple has done, including Bruce Perens, a former member of OSI.

Myself, I don't much care about what OSI thinks, except that I used to
think they were trustworthy as guardians of software freeness. Now I
don't. Entirely independent of what they think, I have a real issue
with what Apple has done.

> Well I personally don't see what all the fuss is about. Apple's open
> source only affects Apple hardware which nobody has anyway. Right?

There are huge numbers of Apple computers out there, and they are verrry
nice computers in many ways.

> Also, are you handling FoRK now? If so it would be nice of the powers
> at Fork me - fork you - fork the world, would let us know. Some of us
> have filters and color coding to handle incoming mail and the sudden
> appearance of unfiltered mail upsets my esthetic of use.

My apologies. I haven't found a reasonably good way to tell whether a
message was a FoRKpost or not; since FoRK is just a mail alias, and
since XeNT isn't running qmail or even a recent version of
sendmail, there's no way to tell whether a message has gone through
FoRK or not.

For my own purposes, I simply check to see whether
'' appears anywhere in the header.

Oh, and to answer your question: no, I am not handling FoRK. But if
you send your mail to instead of, the bounces will go to Rohit instead of you.
The outgoing mail still gets sent through

The downside is that, if my machine is down or unplugged, your mail
will generate annoying warning messages to you, and will not go through
until my machine comes back up.

I'm seriously considering writing software to handle multiple redundant
locations for a mailing list, and setting up a domain to facilitate
this. This single-point-of-failure bullshit is for the birds.

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