Re: Bombs Away. (fwd)

Tim Byars (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:32:15 -0800

At 1:17 PM -0800 3/24/99, Joseph S. Barrera III did the job with this:

>> What a load of horseshit. What if Russia decided to come after us afor our
>> treatment of the Native americans, or if some country decided Slave
>> trading was wrong back in the early 1800's and came after us on those
>> terms?
> Um, Tom, I think Clinton is talking about actions the Serbs have taken
> in the past *week*, not just sometime in the past couple of centuries.


Too bad your not on VAL. See Tom is obsessed with history. He thinks
everything that ever happened is accountable now. This view is
supported my many of the other lunk heads on VAL. We are supposed to
read books and see movies about a war 50 years ago in order to revel in
our lives today.

Why if Hitler and Patton were still around we wouldn't be having this problem.



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