Re: Perens Re: Apple Sauce
25 Mar 1999 16:49:46 -0000

Ernest Prabhakar writes:
> I'm generally going to avoid this discussion.

Hopefully that means you'll read thoroughly but prefer not to post much.

> However, Bruce has said
> (publicly) that he appreciates the steps we are taking, and is providing
> suggestions on how to do it better.
> Characterizing him as 'opposed' to what we're doing is, I think, unfair to
> him, though much of the press and other individuals seem to really want to
> take it that way.

Yes, the press cranks up the emotion if they can, it gets them more
attention. It's so automatic with them that they don't always realize
they are doing it. Some of them have been embarassed when confronted
about it and try to correct it, others are brazen. Some of them may also
be reading slashdot comments and identifying them with me <cringe>.

From: (Kragen Sitaker)
> I meant that he is opposed to almost-free licenses like the current
> APSL, not that he thinks you Apple guys are evil.

I'm opposed to almost-free licenses. The APSL isn't cast in concrete yet,
so rather than being opposed, let's say I think it needs change.