Re: Bombs Away. (fwd) / law and sausage and smalltalk

Dave Long (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 19:45:33 -0800

> Anyone up for a game of Diplomacy(tm)?
Seems more like Cosmic Encounter; why else would the force be NATO instead of
something eurolocal, such as the WEU?

Bismarck (the Iron Chancellor, not the Avalon Hill game) once compared
laws with sausage: both much easier to enjoy when one is not too aware of how
they are made. Poking around <> implies
that Trade-Marks are on the same legislative level of importance as Household Refrigerators (and that encouraging High Performance Computing is no more
important to your average congresscritter than ensuring Armored Car Industry
Reciprocity) Maybe the US Code needs a refactoring browser, similar to what
<> does for
the Smalltalk crowd.