RE: Frutja bedankten fruda brebe.

Tom Whore (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:49:18 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Tim Byars wrote:
--]Haha, you clowns all crack me up. No I would not drink the Kool Aid and
--]Steve J. wouldn't order the Kool Aid. Because Steve realizes those that
--]use a Mac are by and large creative individuals. Not clones that put up
--]with shit because the rest of the world does.

Dear Tim.

I know the debacle of you INtel system is still stinging you. Oh how it
must feel to talk so loud and yet be so small. You, who with better
hardware and supposed brain power cant even keep a Wintel machine running
for more than a few hours...while I , a so called "idiot" keep a win98 box
ruuning a Shoutcast server and a web server(apache) and play games,work
and net for MONTHS AT A TIME.

You already have sipped of the koolaid. Your blind subervience to apple,
just as blind subserviance to any one company , has made you weak,
pathetic and in the end something of a joke.

Oh cobra boy, whizzing thru traffic in his hot muscle car. Oh cobra boy,
tkaing lunches with Steve Jobs gardener for hot MacOs X tips. Oh Cobra
boy, who talks of loving wrestling but who would sicken any decent
wrestler in teh biz. Oh brother.

As for your so called creative talents...well lets see them. I have seen
nothing yet to show me your anything but a 40 year old disgruntled office
clerk who is pissed that he sunk so much money into Macs over the years
only to be considered by most as the Idiot Half cousin who comes to the
family outings in a old sanford and son truck.

--]Your left brain approach to life is classic. Now get back to debugging
--]NT Service Pac 4, and infighting amongst the OpenSource folks.

A left brain, any part of a barin, would be a welcome sight in your skull.
As for NT..oh let me se now, Nt serve at work..Up time 7
tim, even NT with SP3 can beat out your messy 8 hour up time record.

Now heres a quarter, go call steve jobs and tell him you need more hype.

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