OS Jihad dead, killed in nato bombing...

Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 17:31:10 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Tim Byars wrote:
--]I guess years and years of dealing with crappy cheap Taiwan PC's and an
--]OS based on 1970's technology does teach you the ability to spew forth.
--]Dat wuz a guud one.

Good, Now that the OS war is dead..Lets get on to some decent

Java in the work place...A new form of torture or Furbys for the masses?

Middlelayer Bloatware...An Ivory Tower revenge on suits or The one that
got away?

Orbs and Munchkins...Fischer Price Playschool fun Or Corp Hype Fluff?

lets get it rocking folks...what i dont know youll educate me on.

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