Re: Fwd: SLATE ON PAPER: Fri., Mar. 26, 1999

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 07:17:30 -0800 wrote:

> English major Eliza Truitt can't even back Linux out of the driveway:
> "I tinkered, rebooted, and failed, and tinkered, rebooted, and failed
> over and over again," she writes. "I began to lose all enthusiasm for
> the project. Just the sight of 'Mastering Linux' induced the
> stomach-churning sense of dread that my sixth-grade math textbook once
> gave me: 'I don't get this. Other people get this. Why don't I get
> this? I think I'll go watch TV.' "
What an idiot. You are supposed to turn the power off to
reset the machine's bios. If she can't do that then don't worry,
she won't be able to install NT either.

> Also in this week's Slate:
> Michael Kinsley nails the weasels who took the "There Are No Easy
> Answers" dodge over Kosovo: "An easy answer, for a politician is one
> that assures you will never be proved wrong. Or at least that if you
> seem to have been wrong, another easy answer will be available to
> explain why you're not."
Kinsley's an idiot too, what's the vital US interest other than
to prevent WWIII?

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