Re: Fwd: SLATE ON PAPER: Fri., Mar. 26, 1999

Joachim Feise (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 07:34:24 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> wrote:
> > English major Eliza Truitt can't even back Linux out of the driveway:
> > "I tinkered, rebooted, and failed, and tinkered, rebooted, and failed
> > over and over again," she writes. "I began to lose all enthusiasm for
> > the project. Just the sight of 'Mastering Linux' induced the
> > stomach-churning sense of dread that my sixth-grade math textbook once
> > gave me: 'I don't get this. Other people get this. Why don't I get
> > this? I think I'll go watch TV.' "
> >
> What an idiot. You are supposed to turn the power off to
> reset the machine's bios. If she can't do that then don't worry,
> she won't be able to install NT either.

All I can say: RTFM.


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