Re: Notification of Changes to Network Solutions' Web Site

Beldar Conehead (Beldar@Remulak.Net)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:40:01 -0500

This is the only notice I've received at any of my DNS admin
addresses.. No, wait -- here's another one, several days later.
reformatted because they're as clewless as an AOLer
when it comes to sending text mail.. Does this qualify
as spam, I wonder?

Yak! It is to puke. wrote:
> Dear Valued Customer:
> This is to inform you that changes are taking place at Network
> Solutions' Web site.
> When you visit us at or,
> you'll notice that we have a new look. But our look isn't all we've
> changed. We've brought all of our products, services, and partner
> informational links together in one, simple, easy to use Web site.
> Our home page has been redesigned to help you easily find the
> information, services, and tools you need to establish and maintain
> your Internet presence. We have simplified the user interface,
> instructions, and help for registering or reserving a new Web address
> (domain name). Our new "Make Changes" section enables you to quickly
> find the information needed to update your Web address information.
> And with the addition of new products and services, Network Solutions
> can help you easily add value to your Web experience. As always, if
> you have registered your domain name(s) through one of Network
> Solutions' Premier program members, you may also contact them for
> additional products and services.
> Along with our recent doubling of capacity, this seamless integration
> of our Web sites is yet another way we are continually working to
> serve you. Whether you type in or
>, you'll end up at the right place. Network Solutions
> - the dot com peopleTM - is your one-stop shop for your Internet
> presence.
> We encourage you to visit us at and learn
> about more ways to maximize your presence on the Internet!
> Sincerely,
> Charles A. Gomes
> Vice President, Customer Programs
> NOTE: This message is being sent only to the main/administrative
> contact for your Web address (domain name). It is for notification
> purposes only. If you have any questions or comments, please contact
> us via our Web site.

Beldar Conehead
Commander, Earth Conquest Expeditionary Force