Re: Fwd: SLATE ON PAPER: Fri., Mar. 26, 1999

Dave Long (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:24:22 -0800

> > Just the sight of 'Mastering Linux' induced the
> > stomach-churning sense of dread ...

The sight of most of the computer aisle in a dead tree store induces a
stomach-churning sense of dread for me as well, but probably for different
reasons. Phil G's guide to the mindset of they who publish such books
expresses the sentiment well:

> ... then don't worry,
> she won't be able to install NT either.

No need to, she'll probably be fine using whatever came with her box.
Although I finally installed Linux, and am very happy with the results, it
probably wouldn't have happened if there hadn't been a good deal of stormy