Re: Time 100: TimBL named one of 20 scientists of the century

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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:21:01 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Joachim Feise wrote:

--]Tom Whore wrote:
--]> On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Joachim Feise wrote:
--]> --]
--]> --]Not acceptable by the American public, since he's a socialist.
--]> --]
--]> Excuse you. I aint no pinko loving commie bastard, but I like Noam
--]> Chomsky. Im pretty damn sure he can walk into any good old boys bar
--]> anywhere economists hang and as soon as he opens the door the yell of
--]> "NOAM" will come out of everyones mouth.
--]Just to clarify: I don't care about his political views. I just commented on the
--]warped view of the American public (at this point, I am not an American
--]Besides, there is a difference between communism and socialism.

Yea, ones nearly dead and the other is mostly alive.

We should make cuba a Communist Reserve, a sort of safari driv thru of
nearly extinct politcal/religous belife systems.

As far as waped views go Americans are far from the holders of the Champs
title in that field. Sure Apples still alive, but lets look ar Japan and
school girl outfits, South Africa and the perceptions of freedom, Britian
and its post empire mentality, France and..well it being french.... I mean
shit, look to the north, canada has got to be the most warped mofos this
side of Cygnus XJ34.

Noam is the shiz no matter hwo you slice and dice the meat.

So Timbl, if your reading this....Get out your pen and do a rewrite...Noam
C and Mr Wizard....dont make me go voer there and put a blinktag up you

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