Re: Salon 21st | Why Bill Gates still doesn't get the Net

Tim Byars (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:43:22 -0800

At 3:59 PM -0800 3/30/99, Joseph S. Barrera III did the job with this:

> You know, I went to a BMW dealership the other day, and learned a lot about
> BMWs, but none of the salesmen there seemed to know much about Audis. It was
> really kind of strange. I guess they really just don't understand
> automobiles, or the automobile market in general.
> - Joe


Please excuse the obvious question, were I as left brained as you I
probably would get your point, but alas, I'm not and I don't.

So are you saying that Bill Gates only knows Windows? Or Bill only
knows the Internet on Windows? Or Bill Gates only knows Windows crashes
and gives you weird error messages using the Internet? Or Bill gates
drives a Lexus and doesn't give a fuck what kraut car dealership you
went to?



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