Re: Time 100: TimBL named one of 20 scientists of the century

James Tauber (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:42:17 +0800

> I think that has more to do with the controversial aspects of making
> baseless claims than any particular contribution to the humanities.

I suspect that it's the "linguistic ability is innate" claim that gets him
the most citations. Is this the baseless claim you are talking about? (He
says a lot of things that could be described as baseless but I'm not sure he
gets cited for all of those)

> I think the list was based on their impact on real people, not on
> intellectual discourse.

True. I'd be interested to see how many of the 100 would still be considered
to have had such influence in fifty years time (I'll pose the question to
FoRK in 2049.)

[excellent web credits omitted]
> That came later. It was that environment that truly invented the Web.

Ok, here's a question: who were the 20 (100 is probably too ambitious)
people that most influenced the creation and first 10 years of the Web? If
everyone sends their nominations (as many or as few as they like, preferably
ordered) to I'll report them here and maybe to the history
session at WWW8.