Re: Salon 21st | Why Bill Gates still doesn't get the Net

Joseph S. Barrera III (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 08:50:09 -0800

> But if one of these guys walked off the sales floor and started
> pontificating about trends in the auto industry, and the implications
> for industry and society at large, you'd be entitled to take his views
> with more than the usual pinch of salt.

But Bill is still on the sales floor, at least when he's writing books for
the popular press.

If his internal memos read like his popular books, *then* I'd be worried.

His presentation is one-sided not because he doesn't "get it", but because
he has written his book to serve his needs, which is to say, the needs of

If I've still not made my point, then never mind. You may go ahead
pretending that Bill has no understanding of the competitive challenges that
Microsoft faces.

- Joe