Douglas Adams's latest

Keith Dawson (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:21:51 -0500

A foreign correspondent sent this abstruse pointer to the personal
message file of Ford prefect in his mission on Earth.

You can be among the first. The pages are all CGIs and don't report
their creation dates, but the images were all created within the
last two weeks.
Keith Dawson
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>I received this delightfully surreal message just now -- from whom, I have
>no idea. I thought you might appreciate it. Looking at the SMTP entrails of
>the message, it appears to originate from, which, of course, is run
>by Douglas Adams himself, among others. So some amount of genuineness seems
>to exist. What fun ? ((What do you mean, what does it mean ? It's all part
>of the Whole Sort Of General Mishmash))
>|Old-Subject: moan, moan, moan
>|From: Ford Prefect <>
>|Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 14:43 +0100
>|Subject: [spam 06.69/10.00 -pobox] moan, moan, moan
>|First, COMPLAINTS. Needless to say, all your complaints will be dealt
>|with. Eventually.
>|Leopold - I'm sorry your accommodation is not up to scratch. You are
>|wrong to suggest this is in any way connected with our little argument
>|over your last expense claim. (Incidentally, what exactly are
>|zoot-inhalers and why do they cost so much?)
>|On the subject of expenses:
>|Amelia B - A reminder. You are working for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the
>|Galaxy, not Vogue Galactica. So, go easy on the budget.
>|Jack - I don't mind paying for all these burgers but remember, you are a
>|dolphin and they may be damaging your health. (By the way, tell
>|Sideswipe to avoid cress - this is probably causing the wind problem.)
>|Toobitz - in answer to your questions:
>|1. No.
>|2. Ha ha.
>|3. Yes.
>|I know Earth is not very comfortable but that is not my fault. In my
>|experience life here can be tolerable enough if you just make an effort
>|to fit in. As soon as you get the job done I promise - we'll go
>|somewhere more civilised.
>| - USE IT!