Re: Salon 21st

Idiot Savant Groupie (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:39:53 -0800 (PST)

Well, for a moment there, I thought I had typo'd fugue and intelligensia.

Nope! I didn't!

I would suggest government auctions or business auctions, where old
sparc 1's might be sold off in huge numbers. I'll post to a local
bbs type thingie and ask if anyone has one, or can burn one.


- Colby

> Tom Whore wrote:
> > in the end its all about pimpin an os, or a jihad, or a mindet, or a
> > paradigm.
> On that note, I thought I would contribute a FoRKbit:
> "The Cybernetic Jihad is a phrase that I choose to best fit the fugure
> of change in our increasingly technologically driven world. In my
> mind, the world is going to be radically changed by the new
> intelligentsia which is growing up on-line."
> The former is on a table in my computer room,
> needing a new IDPROM -- the old one is flaky, making it hard to install
> Linux. I'm not sure where to find a new IDPROM for a Sparc 1.
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