what's hot

duck (duck@hellskitchen.com)
Tue, 6 May 1997 23:05:46 -0400 (EDT)

Every summer Rolling Stone puts out a "HOT" issue, pointing out the
things and people they think are on the rise, ranging from actors to music
to technology. Our Features Editor just handed out the list of categories
today, asking everyone in the office to give suggestions. I call upon my
friends, being the bastion of pop-culture awareness that you are, to tell
me what's hot, and why. The categories are listed below - pick one or all
or make some new ones up. The categories are actually pretty lame (i don't
even know what some of them mean), but the editors are surprisingly
open-minded, so have fun with it - make up categories - and you may be
surprised what gets published. I'm turning in my list at work Thursday, so
please email your responses to me by Thurs 8am NY time.
Please do not forward this to anyone else. And don't respond if you
don't want to - this is just a chance to cast your vote, maybe pick up on
something we missed. God knows i was pissed when the "Top 200 Albums" came
out in the last issue and "Frampton Comes Alive" wasn't in it.
My email has been skitzy lately, so if you can't get through to me,
i'm also at crs44@columbia.edu.
Thanks for your time, and have fun with it!

(remember, you can make some up)

Hot Actor
Hot Actress
Hot Band
Hot Songwriter
Hot Label
Hot Country Artist
Hot Producer
Hot Musical Trend
Hot Website
Hot Models
Hot Movie Director
Hot TV Actress
Hot TV Actor
Hot Character Actor/Actress
Hot Hollywood Hangout
Hot Techno Scene
Hot Marketing Ploy
Hot Writer
Hot Politician
Hot Pundit
Hot Campaign Strategy
Hot Designer
Hot Athelete
Hot Career Move
Hot Car
Hot Art Scene
Hot Vacation Spot
Hot Appliance
Hot Drink
Hot Sport
Hot Food
Hot Kink
Hot Threat
Hot Conspiracy
Hot Anxiety
Hot Subculture
Hot Magazine
Hot Drug
Hot Vice
Hot Accessory
Hot Fragrance
Hot Publisher
Hot Annoyance
Hot TV Show
Hot Disease
Hot Boast
Hot Scam
Hot Hand Gesture
Hot TV Show Twist
Hot Marketing Ploy
Hot Revivals
Hot Bad Guys
Hot Gadget
Hot List
Hot Drug Accessory
Hot Posture
Hot Slang
Hot Excuse

Hot ????