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Someone named Robert S. Thau at 4:11 PM -0700 on 5/8/97, wrote the following :

* Just like any schoolyard bully, crying out for attention --- the
* way to really make them suffer is to ignore them. It's sad, in
* a way...

Well speaking about a subject near and dear to Joe's heart, I got a Newton
Monday. It isn't a new 2K it's an older 120 with the 2.0 ROM's.

If you haven't seen a Newton since the horrible 100 series you owe it to
yourself to check it out. They are damn cool. I'm not really having any
problems with the speed issue. It is as fast as I can point to things in
the window, and the handwriting recognition is amazing. Even with my
chicken scratching I'm getting 86% recognition, which is about 20% better
than I can do trying to read my own writing.

The only problems are lower case "r" which I'm having trouble writing in a
distinctive way. It keeps mistaking "r" (without the quotes) for u or v.
And since I rarely dot my lower case i it always thinks it's a "l". Other
than that I'm loving it.

I did play with a new 2K and it rocked big time. Really really zippy,
however it is in bigger case, which sort of limits the carry around factor.

anyway, check one out if you can...



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