Right diamond, wrong woman.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 9 May 97 11:30:18 PDT

It's amazing how much can go wrong when you're trying to propose.

I'm surprised that as many things happened right as they did.

Rohit, we really need to write up the world adventures as chronicled in
the green books sometime...

> From Michelle.Gardner@kp.org Fri May 9 11:05:03 1997
> To: "'adam'" <adam@cs.caltech.edu>
> Your plan was much better and didn't hit any snags like this one did!
> >Man gives engagement ring to wrong woman
> >
> >BOULDER, Colo. (May 9) -- It was the right diamond ring, the right
> >box of chocolates, but the wrong woman.
> >
> >Chuck Lehman's perfectly planned proposal took a wrong turn at a
> >Boulder restaurant, when a waiter delivered an engagement ring to the
> >wrong table -- and another woman left with it.
> >
> >Lehman had tucked the ring into a box of Godiva chocolates and
> >arranged for the waiter to deliver it to his soon-to-be fiancee.
> >Trouble is, they switched tables and the waiter didn't get the word.
> >
> >Lehman's girlfriend was facing the table where the chocolates were
> >delivered and watched, unaware of the plan, as the woman tried on the
> >ring for size. Lehman's back was to the table, so he didn't know.
> >
> >The other couple paid their bill and left -- with the ring. Sheriffs
> >used a credit card receipt to track down the couple, who said they
> >thought it was just costume jewelry. They returned the ring.
> >
> >The story has a happy ending: Lehman's girlfriend said "yes."


Personally, I lasted about a week in New York. My new motto is "Fuck
'em. If they could run faster they'd still be alive."
-- Duck, on his decision to become carnivorous