RE: Office 97 was intended to be bought in August, not January.

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 9 May 1997 14:15:09 -0700

From: I Find Karma []
> Then again, the Office 97 problems are nothing compared to the
> disk crash number Windows NT 4.0 did to Joe Kiniry's disk last
> it ate through the disk, the motherboard, and made a big hole in the
> floor. We're seriously puzzled - the machine won't let us install ANY
> operating system (not even DOS), nor have control over the hardware,
> even reformat the disk!! A $20,000 multiprocessor pentium pro lays
> dormant because we cannot figure out how to revive it...

This is simply absurd. There's no way that NT could have done this. Once
you calm down and analyze the situation rationally, you'll find that the
real culprit was Eudora or some other non-Microsoft app that you were

At any rate, since I run NT on all my machines, I have to deal with this
sort of problem all the time. Give me a call if you want help.
Otherwise, just duct tape the holes in the disk and the motherboard,
spray lemon pledge on everything to seal it up, and you'll find your
problems are fixed.

BTW Eve is here visiting the lab, or actually just Jim Gemmell since
only he and I are here today.

BTW is anyone out there reading Infinite Jest? It's pretty entertaining.
I should probably wait until I'm done with it before actually
recommending it, but that will take a while.

- Joe

PS. If there is some kernel (so to speak) of truth to Joe Kinry's
machine being unbootable, let me know if I can help.

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