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Joe Barrera (
Sun, 11 May 1997 04:31:25 -0700

> From: I Find Karma []
> Today I lost an hour because I accidentally hit some unknown control
> sequence that turned on CAPSLOCK indefinitely. I couldn't figure out
> how to do unlock. This wreaked countless havoc on my unix and emacs
> sessions (yes, I'm using Windows NT as a glorified X server) - ever
> to do case sensitive commands when the lowercase is unavailable?

> I rebooted and it still didn't unCAPSLOCK.

1. You wouldn't happen to have a programmable keyboard, would you?
Gateway used to sell their boxes with funky programmable keyboards. When
my son was enough months old to bash on my keyboard, I would find my
machine in the same crippled state. And of course the damn keyboard was
*designed* to remember its programming after reboots.
2. Didn't shift bring you back to lowercase?
3. Just in case you actually want to run gnu-emacs directly on your
Windows NT box, check out (One of the
first things I did after joining Microsoft was to work on the existing
gnu-emacs-to-Win32 port until I found it usable, e.g., making the
split-window bars be reverse video like they are supposed to be. Geoff
Voelker, as a Microsoft intern, picked up the port and has done a great
job on it.)
4. Moving from Unix to Windows NT is incredibly frustrating, but I
think that's largely because so much is different. I remember *hating*
Unix after moving from VMS. I couldn't believe that there was no EDT
equivalent (and no, vi does not count). I couldn't believe how
brain-dead the mail program was. Etc. Years later, I found myself with
'ls' and 'cd' wired into my fingers, laughing out loud at the login
prompt for Windows NT which requires you to type CTRL-ALT-DEL (which at
the time symbolized everything wrong with Microsoft, namely that you
always had to CTRL-ALT-DEL to get your machine back because Windows was
always crashing)...

- Joe

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