Re: Pentium Pro and Pentium II bug

I Find Karma (
Sun, 11 May 97 13:04:47 PDT

> * So much for Wintel attacking the workstation market! Bwa ha ha!
> * -- Rob (whose Alpha does 19.7 SPECfp95, can divide properly and can even
> * set exception flags!)

Then Tim wrote:
> Rob, you fool. Do you think people that are willing to run a third
> rate OS like NT give a shit?

We do. Next week is "THROW OUT OUR NTs" week. After four weeks of
evaluation, we have decided that NT/Intel is not a platform we can do
decent Java development on.

Question is, where to go from here. Dan's leaning toward Macs, but Suns
run Solaris which means we would always have first crack at new Java
releases. And DEC Alphas are the most reliable of the lot...

> This will have minimal impact if any at all.

Untrue. We'll be placing an order for new machines soon. Rob's posts
about the Alpha make us lean in that direction more and more...

Rob, can I get a Solaris emulator for the Alpha? (Is this a silly
question?) I wonder if a Java program running in an interpreted virtual
machine on an emulator on the Alpha is faster than just straight Java on
a superduperSparc...


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