Re: OpenDoc and the future.

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 12 May 1997 14:28:30 +0300 (EET DST)

At 10:24 PM 5/11/97 -0800, Tim Byars wrote:
>I don't want to be one of those, "I'm so cool and you aren't, look what I
>know" assholes, but I really really can't tell you what is going on. There
>are exactly 3 people at Apple and myself outside of another group that know
>about this. Of course that being said, someone will leak it to the press
>tomarrow. ;-0
>What I can tell you is it is very very interesting move, and if successful
>will keep OpenDoc development alive for the forseeable future.
>By the way Joe, this little move will not make Ms happy. For a check with 4
>commas in it I will tell all. Now go tell Bill.

So, Tim, how does your insider info compare to Mark's plumbing theory
of a few weeks back?