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CobraBoy! (
Wed, 14 May 1997 13:45:32 -0800

Ok kids this is the story. It looks like I'm going to do the book. Not in
any way, shape, or form as I envisioned it but it's being picked up by a
MAJOR publisher and well, what the hell.

So this is your chance as a member of FoRK to share in the glory. What I
need are real world examples of:

Internet Security
Apache Commerce
Apache Modifications (Solaris/Linux/BSD)
Apache Intranet Real World Examples
Graphical tools for admin
Anything else you can think of that might be interesting.

And last but not least and this is the biggy, the Forward/Introduction.
This is a biggie spot so only a few readers of FoRK or probably their
bosses would fit into this category. It doesn't have to be Apache specific,
I would rather it be *Internet Commerce is the way of the future.*

Now you might be saying to yourself, "umm... dude, isn't there already 3
other Apache books out there?" And the answer is yes. But that is what they
want. I have fought over this for 3 weeks, and the offer is at the point of
take it or leave it.

I really hope some of you will contribute to this, since it is a good
platform for all of us. Here is the ToC just so you have an idea what
they've signed off on already.

The Apache Server
Building a WWW Site From the Ground Up

Chapter Outline

Part 1
The Internet

1) Internet History, Business, and Advertising
2) Understand the technology
3) Legal Considerations
4) Security

Part 2
Setting Up And Managing Your Apache Server

5) What is Apache?
6) Hardware Choices
7) Operating System Choices (See Appendixes)
8) Installing Apache
Solaris Intel
9) Setting up your Apache WWW Server
10) Managing your Apache/WWW Server
11) Web Server System Administration
12) High Performance Tuning of Apache
13) Adding Modules to Apache
14) CGI
15) SSI
16) Third Party Modules (Strongbox)

Part 4
Doing Business On The Internet

1) Setting up an OpenMarket Account
2) Configuring your site to work with OpenMarket
3) Real World Examples
4) Other Choices
5) Security Concerns of Commerce

Part 5

A) NeXTStep/OpenStep software on the Internet
B) Solaris software on the Internet
C) Linux software on the Internet
D) Free Software on the Internet
E) Glossary
F) Bibliography



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