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Since our Connectix Virtual PC sneak preview in April, weve received
numerous questions about Virtual PC, and heard plenty of amazing rumors,
too. This list server is designed to provide you with additional
information about our product, so we are sending you a quick note to
answer some of the frequently asked questions weve received so far.

We are all very excited about Virtual PC and very eager to release the
product in June along with complete product specifications and pricing.
Thank you very much for your interest in Connectix Virtual PC, well send
you another note in a few weeks.

The Virtual PC Team
Connectix Corporation

Connectix Virtual PC Frequently Asked Questions 5/15/97

Q: How fast is Connectix Virtual PC?

A: Virtual PC performance is determined by the speed of the Mac it is
running on. The faster the Power PC processor, the faster the Virtual PC
performance. With current Power PC 604e chips benchmarking several times
faster than Power PC 601 or 603 processors, you can expect the best PC
software performance from the current Power PC systems. Exact product
specifications and recommendations will be available when we get closer
to shipping final product in June 1997.

Q: How much will Virtual PC cost?

A: Virtual PC will be a great value for consumers. Final product pricing
will be available when we get closer to our June 1997 release date.

Q: I was thinking of buying a new Mac OS system, what processor should I
get to run Connectix Virtual PC?

A: Any currently shipping Mac OS system is a great solution to run
Connectix Virtual PC. Of course, the faster your Mac OS system, the
faster any software runs, including Virtual PC. So, if you are in the
market for a new system, go for the best you can afford -- since your Mac
software will run faster too, its like getting twice the value out of a
faster processor.

Q: I heard that Connectix Virtual PC is nearly a complete Pentium PC done
in software. Is this true?

A: Yes, nearly every standards-based component youd find in a Pentium PC
is running in software, such as Sound Blaster Pro, Ethernet networking,
and Pentium processor. Virtual PCs complete standards-based design gives
it the compatibility to run nearly any Pentium compatible operating
system, such as DOS, Windows (3.x, 95, or NT), and even NeXT OPENSTEP or
IBM OS/2. Virtual PC is created by very talented engineers who also
developed RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, and portions of the Mac OS.

Q: How does Virtual PC work?

A: Virtual PC is a Mac application that contains all the standards-based
elements of a Pentium PC done in software. For functions that do not
exist in software, like modem and CD-ROM, the Macs peripherals are used
as PC devices. The success of Virtual PC functionality is a real tribute
to the talented engineers that created Virtual PC; just think - Virtual
PC has the functionality of a PC, runs PC software out-of-the-box,
delivers playable performance, and is a Mac application that uses about
800K of disk space!

Q: Is Virtual PC easy to install and use?

A: Virtual PC installs easily and you just double click to launch it like
you would with any other Mac application. The entire PC environment runs
in Virtual PCs application window. You can run Virtual PC with other Mac
applications and switch back and forth easily.

Q: I heard that Virtual PC will run faster than my friends new Pentium
system. Is this true?

A: Virtual PC is software, so its unrealistic to expect it would outrun a
hardware system at a fraction of the cost. Since Virtual PC is Mac
software, it is dependent upon Mac hardware for performance. Virtual PC
is not designed to put PC manufacturers out of business -- it is designed
so Mac users can enjoy more software on their Mac.

Q: My company is considering switching all machines to use Windows NT,
even Mac users. Can you help me so I can keep my Mac?

A: Virtual PC can run Windows NT and has full ethernet networking
support. So, when Virtual PC runs NT, it looks and acts just like a NT
system. Depending upon the type of Mac configurations in use and NT
software you need to run, Virtual PC can be a solution worth

Connectix Virtual PC


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