NeXT religion

Prabhakar Ernest (
Mon, 19 May 1997 17:45:00 -0400

This was too precious...
[Day 4]


<P>You are beginning to crash and burn. Information is good
-- but now you are starting to desire home. Being around
other geeks for 4 days you are getting afraid that you will
never be able to reintegrate into the real world, and you
are anxious to get home and try out your software or other
things that you have learned.</P>

<P>Over the course of the sessions you note that if the
zealotry of the Mac crowd was not enough -- now we have the
ultra-zealous Next-oids. These Nextoids are a great bunch of
guys, very helpful, willing to offer information and
assistance and truly dedicated to their platform of choice.
They also make Mac advocates look like Sunday morning
Christians compared to their Jim-Jones like fanaticism. A
few of them have the ability to rub some people the wrong
way -- but perhaps it is a good reminder to Mac enthusiasts
how some see us, as we see a caricature of ourselves in some
of them.</P>