more entertaining anti-microsoft/gates propaganda

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 20 May 1997 09:31:34 -0700

While trying to find a photo on the web of Gary Reback (to hang on our
dartboard), I found, a glorious display of
paranoia, accusations of autism, and outright bad spelling and grammar:

> [...]
> The only purpose to this web is to demonstrate that we no longer have
civil right in the
> US. Here it's how much money or political influence that determines if
you have a job
> or go anywhere. Even the Presidents and top politicians are accused of
> offenses, but that makes them good puppets for those who live in the
darkness. How do
> they win elections? How do you think? He who hold control over
computers can control
> the US Elections.
> [...]
> Bill Gates short AVI of Gates rocking. Excellent when accompanies with
you favorite
> 9 inch Nails music and set to loop.
> [...]
> Bill Gates up a paper tree. Yes this man will do whatever they tell
> Is he the real RAINMAN?

- Joe

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