Win'95 Crashes a LOT

CobraBoy! (
Thu, 22 May 1997 09:45:48 -0800

* The most insidious possibility is that the Windows 95 kernel is not fully
*compatible with
* today's Pentiums. Tom McNally quoted an anonymous Award Software
*BIOS engineer: "This
* seems to be an ongoing problem with Win95 and the external
*cache. Until they come out with
* a patch or fix for this, you may need to leave that disabled."
*Although you can usually disable
* a system's external cache through the BIOS configuration screen,
*this can make your system
* noticeably slower. I'll have more on this in two or three weeks.



It takes Microsoft 10 years to get rid of the mess when you boot, why should we believe that you can make Windows easy to program in only two years ?" - S.Jobs to Microsoft's J. Allchin

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