Re: US Patent 5,603,031.

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Tue, 27 May 1997 15:56:59 -0500

> JoeK's right, it looks like General Magic owns agents ...
> This doesn't bode well

Wait 'til I sue W3C, the IETF, and Marvel Comics for infringing on the
copyright of my initials, "WEB".


"Once, there was NO fun... This was before MENU planning,
FASHION statements or NAUTILUS equipment...
Then, in 1985.. FUN was completely encoded in this tiny MICROCHIP..
It contains 14,768 vaguely amusing SIT-COM pilots!!
We had to wait FOUR BILLION years but we finally got JERRY LEWIS,
MTV and a large selection of creme-filled snack cakes!"
Zippy the Pinhead