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*** Transend delivers 67 kbps modem

Transend Corporation advanced modem speeds to new heights, without the
need for digital connections at either end, with their announcement
Tuesday of the Transend Sixty-Seven, delivering speeds of 67 kbps both
upstream and downstream, over existing analog phone lines. The
Transend 67 solves the increasing speed and bandwidth problems of
present-day Internet users, while utilizing the existing ubiquitous
analog network. The Transend 67 also makes widespread, economical
video teleconferencing possible for all sizes of companies. For full
story, see

*** New single-chip, fast ethernet transceiver sets new standards

Level One Communications Inc., a developer of Ethernet IC
communications technology, announced Tuesday a breakthrough in Fast
Ethernet performance. The company introduced a flexible 10/100-TX
single-chip CMOS Ethernet transceiver that operates at distances in
excess of 140 meters and can also be designed into 100BASE-FX fiber
equipment. The new LXT970 Fast Ethernet transceiver supports standard
Ethernet (CSMA/CD) and full-duplex operation at 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps.
Unlike other 10/100 Ethernet transceivers, the LXT970 includes a
fiber-compatible, ECL-type interface for use with 100BASE-FX networks.


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