Re: where did all the anti-MSFT conspiracy theorists go?

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Thu, 29 May 1997 13:32:41 -0500

I don't do conspirarcy(SP) theories. I can do "conspiracy theorist", though:

Acceptors in history
Ancestors pity choir.
Anorectic sophistry
Any chorister's topic
Cartoon's sphericity
Cher's cosy partition
Cher's crayonist -- Poit!
Christie, syncopator
Copycats' inheritors
Coy historians crept.
Crapshoot sincerity
Cronies' potty-chairs
CRT crispation? Oh, yes!
Cynic atrophies, rots.
Enphytotic corsairs
Enroot psychiatrics
Ericsson Potty-Chair
Hairy cornetist-cops
Hairy cot inspectors
Heroic TP crayonists
Hip Crisco attorneys
His patsy correction
His scant corporeity
Hit in accessory port
Horsy spit accretion
Hot air, ye conscripts!
Hypocritic senators
I spy contactor's heir.
I spy short anorectic.
Icy posteriors? Natch'!
Incorporate his cyst.
Intrapsychic sooter
Itchier syncopators
Itchy rat procession
Nice hissy carrot-top
Nice shy corporatist
No potty-chair crises
Nosey arthritic cops
O cryptic astonisher
Oh, cryptic assertion!
O phony criticasters
Orchestras pity icon.
O/S hasn't reciprocity.
Patchy NC sororities
Pissy Rio technocrat
Posits chicanery, rot.
Potty-chair necrosis
Prehistoric NY coast
Pro-"Cairo Synthetics"
Prosthetic acorns -- Yi!
Psychic restoration
Psycho R.N. atrocities
Pythias' corrections
Rich constipates Roy.
Rohit pint accessory
Rohit's copy canister
Scratchy positioner
Sophistry accretion
Spicy orchestration
Sycophantic rioters
Tipsy rhinoceros act
Torch icy Peronistas.
Tycoon is archpriest.
Ye not-so-sharp critic

There are many more, of course, but the time's gone.