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1) SIMS at Berkeley keeps growing, in more technical directions, away from 'dusty' library science (yay!)
2) Object lesson in academic careermanagement :-)


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Dr. Marti A. Hearst Joins SIMS Faculty
May 29, 1997

Berkeley--Dr. Marti A. Hearst, a member of the research staff at
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), will be joining the faculty
of the new School of Information Management and Systems at the
University of California at Berkeley this Fall.

Dr. Hearst's research interests, which she has pursued in the
Information Science and Technology Lab at Xerox PARC since 1994,
include information access, user interfaces, computer-human
interaction, corpus-based computational linguistics, and digital
libraries. She has published numerous papers in these and related
areas, including a recent article in Scientific American on interfaces
for searching the world wide web.

Dr. Hearst acts as editor of the Trends and Controversies feature
for IEEE Expert and Intelligent Systems magazine, and is an associate
editor for ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems.

"In just a few years Marti Hearst has established a national reputation
for her work in interface design and information retrieval," says
Dr. Hal. R. Varian, Dean of the School. "She will bring these skills
to our already strong faculty who work in information retrieval and
digital libraries, making Berkeley the premiere institution in the
country in this area."

Dr. Hearst's appointment to the Berkeley faculty represents a return
for her to the campus where she received her BA, MS and Ph.D. degrees
in computer science. Her doctoral dissertation, completed in 1994,
examined context and structure in full-text documents and introduced
new graphical interfaces for information access.

The School of Information Management and Systems, created by the UC
Regents in 1995, will enroll its first class of Masters students in
the Fall of 1997.


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