Re: A young Rohit

Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 30 May 1997 14:51:58 -0700

>*** Miami boy travels in style to Jamaica for free
>Dressed in a T-shirt and cut-off jeans, a 12-year-old boy walked
>through Miami airport security, boarded an American Airlines plane and
>flew first-class to Jamaica. The boy had no ticket, no money and no
>passport. Now his mother, Darlene Livingstone, is seeking to sue
>American Airlines, the airport and U.S. government agencies. At the
>airport he went through security with no one checking for a ticket or
>passport. It was only when he landed and tried to get to a resort that
>he was found out and flown home. For the full story, see

The most ludicrous aspect is that the mother is suing the airlines. Didn't
anyone ask her why she didn't know what her son was doing? My parents
would have whalloped me good, grounded me for an eternity, and then made me
work around the house until I earned anough money to pay back my father for
the cost of the ticket.

If I ever get into trouble for a post I make to FoRK, I'm going to sue
Rohit, MIT, the W3C, and U.S. government agencies (hell, why not?) for
allowing me to make a public spectacle of myself.

Personal responsibility is dead.

- Jim