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I know all the rest of the bipolars on Fork are still in the closet or
in denial. But I thought I'd forward this anyway.

- Joe

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> Hi everybody!
> I need some feedback on choosing a new phrase/word to replace the
universally-hated 'CONSUMER'.
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just label everyone else as "SCN"
(Seriously and Chronically Normal). If this is too harsh and devaluing,
perhaps just Chronic Normal ("CN") wouldn't affect their self-esteem too
much. It would be so much easier to segregate and discriminate against
them this way. Besides, while they are arguing amongst each other
about a better label, we could continue to isolate them, trick them into
thinking bad things about themselves, and deny them their civil rights
in a variety of ingenious ways.
I've used a particular technique successfully, especially around the
house. Let's say your SCN spouse/SO asks some unusal irritating and
challenging question like, "Did you take your medicine today?" (just
can't get the right vocal tone in print) at an inappropriate point
during a conversation. When this happens try indignantly responding
with, for example, "You Chronic Normals are all alike. Do you think
medication is the answer to everything? What's wrong with you? Have
you retained your f*****g mind?!" Don't laugh, stops them dead in their
tracks everytime.
The chronic normals have a wide variety of serious behavior problems of
which we must constanly remind them. Some will deny the condition and
refuse to accept it. Even though it may hard to define what makes
someone a normal, we can tell who they are. We just know.
* Frank