Jim Whitehead (
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 16:38:24 -0700

Well, I'm originally from Boston (and still like the city except for the
absurdly cold winters), and I can definitely sympathize with the
difficulties in getting access to your car after it has been towed.
Tow-truck drivers in Boston are brutal -- I once had my car towed by my
girlfriend's half-brother, who didn't even apologise once he knew. Grrr.

But, really, the main problem here is the fact that Rohit was taking the
Green line, which *everyone* knows is the slowest subway line in existence,
and is only tolerated because most of the riders are students who have no
political clout beacuse they're transients. The Red and Orange lines are
much faster (I have limited experience with the Blue line, so I can't
comment on it).

Any regular user of the T buys a monthly pass, which solves the change
problems, and since this was June 1, you don't have the excuse that you
were waiting for the start of a new month. Plus, MCI probably has
subsidized T cards.

>I want my car, my freeways, my REAL beaches, and most of all I want OUT of

Well, at least in Boston kids don't grow up thinking athsma is normal! :-)

>Not fine. A shrill ancient white woman lunged out of the door and started
>yelling at me. Apparently I was given no quarter, not even a polite
>me", since brown people have no business in their complex.

*sigh* Racism is definitely a problem in Boston.

- Jim