RE: Accessing pagers from the Web

Dan Kohn (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 18:46:55 -0700

It's $11.95 a month, but I can recommend as
paging gateway. I have a friend who is a senior guy there. A quick
perusal of their Web page seems to indicate that they only send the
first x characters of a message, so you might need to write a Perl
script to cut up big messages into lots of little ones. (Although on
this list that could be a big mistake.)

Quick story: Before I upgraded to a Star-TAC, I set-up my Outlook
in-box filtering to forward any e-mail with the word "page" in the
subject to their e-mail to paging gateway. The only thing was that I
didn't realize that they send a confirmation message with the subject
"RE: <original subject>", so pretty soon my in-box and pager were
looking like a scene from Fantasia. Gotta love those mail loops.

- dan

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[From the Dead Horse Beating Department]

Well, as Tim Byars must have discovered, MCI *does* offer a
gateway (for several companies, actually)

To reach me, use PAGE-MCI and pin 1792396. You can send me numeric or

Still on the hunt for an email-to-pager gateway though. Just think:
FoRK! :-)