Re: MCI goes on a Cerf Trek with {late, great} Roddenberry

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 11:17:21 -0400

Of course, this is also the company behind the "Macarena" PrePaid
calling card...



Last year in Europe, 66,000 people attended a phone card collectors
convention, buying and selling single cards for as much as

Millions of foreign collectors have spent years seeking prepaid
telephone cards, some of which are worth hundreds or even thousands of
dollars. Germany alone is estimated to have more than 500,000
dedicated collectors.

Collectors often purchase prepaid cards and slip
them right into de-acidified storage boxes and never even use the long
distance minutes they've paid for.There are now 159 telephone
companies in 136 countries issuing prepaid cards.


The festive Macarena MCI PrePaid Card was designed to commemorate the
Macarena Dance Festival in Miami, FL. The Macarena is the hottest dance in
the world and has ignited nightclubs in Europe, Latin America, and
throughout the United States.
The Macarena card series includes:

(a) MCI PrePaid Macarena $5 card
(b) MCI PrePaid Macarena $20 card