Billgatus of Borg.

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Thu, 5 Jun 97 13:10:33 PDT

Thanks to John Klassa for forwarding this one.

The May 1996 issue of Boardwatch Magazine featured the now infamous
Billgatus of Borg with a story of Microsoft's ongoing assimilation of
all that is software in the personal computer industry and the Internet.
We were immediately swamped with e-mail and letters requesting this
cover in a wall poster format. As magazine publishers, we're not really
in the "wall poster business." But after issuing 200 "NO's" we saw the
light. We've printed a limited quantity of these posters, and when
they're gone, they're gone.


Printed on high quality 100 lb poster stock in a full 24 X 32-inch size,
the resolution and color of this poster are just gorgeous. Hang this on
your wall, and we guarantee that if you're in the software business or a
related Internet business, you'll a chill down your spine every time you
walk past it. Are his eye(s) really following you - watching as you

Excellent motivational tool for software development teams, marketeers,
and others who need to be reminded daily (or hourly) that they are just
a step away from assimilation.


We still don't believe anyone would actually want one of these. So we've
printed a scant 500, and when they're gone, they're gone for good. Dress
up your office space with a constant reminder of what can happen to YOU
if you don't play smart, play hard, and play to win.


<Picture of cute chicks> Meet girls! Get free pizza from your friends!
Wear this classy T-shirt to an evening at the opera or just wining and
dining about town. Very formal and very chic. This shirt just screams
GEEK from every thread. Billgatus of Borg peers out at the world from
YOUR chest OR from the chest of that "special someone." Size XL only.

Shirt OR Poster just $19.95 plus $4 s&h

Order BOTH for $40 and we'll pay the shipping


Cathy Rougier (left) heads our fullfillment department and will process
your order for T-shirts/Posters. Kathy Meyers (right) is the graphic
design artist who designed BILLGATUS OF BORG in Adobe Photoshop (a "not
yet assimilated" software company) under the duress of Jack Rickard's
arm waving and confusingly vague descriptions.

Order Your Billgatus of Borg Now using Secure HTTP...


By the way, my trip to Microsoft's campus in Redmond last week was
great. Microsoft is NOT evil. They're just misunderstood... all they
want is to be loved.
-- Adam Rifkin