Should I go as Dr. Danger?

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:42:11 -0400


It's the 53rd anniversary of D-Day. Come get bombed!

You are cordially invited to a DANGER party
hosted by M Carling

6 June 7:23pm

Battery Park City

A prize will be awarded to the person who best exemplifies the
danger theme. (For example, bringing one's boss' spouse or an
antique weapon of a sort I've never seen would stand a good chance
of winning. Others will have other potentially winning ideas.) The
prize will not be awarded posthumously, so please don't jump from
the roof.

Food will be provided. --BYOB--

The indescribable M Carling is holding a party in New York tonight. I need
FoRK ideas on what the most dangerous thing I could bring might be. My
first guess was an armed-and-licensed copy of Communicator :-)

Then, I thought, what could be more dangerous than the thought of Ernie as
Rhapsody product manager... I'm taking a print out of the news to scare M.
But I'm very open to new ideas. I had to turn down my assistant's offer to
loan her 15lb fiberglass crossbow, though...

As for logistics, ---

$55 to NYC r/t by bus, 4.5 hrs each way (takes me 3 to drive). 4:30p bus
arrives 9PM.

My cost: $15 tolls, $20 gas = only $20 extra. My parents want me to come to
Md. I can't, I think.

Big plus: forced writing time on the bus. Amtrak would be more certain to
have space, lighting, but it's $52 each way. I can't drive, that's silly --
can't lose 7 hrs writing time.

Makes sense iff 1) duck, you wanna do the dangerous thing 2) duck, you
wanna drive us to write/lounge/cafe somewhere all night long and 3)adam,
you approve.

My productivity has been zip. Example:

yesterday got up at 7:30, 1/2 hr to get ready, 40 min to get to work,
putter in at 9AM. Move offices, configure printer, surf, email, call donna,
read papers, call donna, gossip with John, 1 hr of bitching from my former
boss, a little MCI writing time, lunch hour, boom! it's 4 oClock, and the
Work starts: firefighting on a customer proposal. Research, conf call,
write report, boom! 8PM. Go to the gym, 50 minutes of cardio equip, a
little lifting, shower, 10p. email, head out for dinner, get home 11p. Go
for dinner, find that almost EVERYTHING is closed in Bos by this time on a
weeknight that serves non-kill-you-instantly food. Also misplaced wallet,
so have no cash, only a DISCOVER card. End up at Chili's in Burlington on
rt 128. Home by 12:30. Crash, wake up next am at 10, still haven't edited
that paper for donna.

Duck, you writing coach you, you think we can do better? :-) Give me a call
or page me to call you to discuss...

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