Re: Canada is just Mexico for White People

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Fri, 6 Jun 97 17:27:52 PDT

[Crossposting a discussion with Ron, which I know's going to get me into
trouble because it's exactly the kind of thing he rails against below...
-- Adam]

> WHAT?? Horrors! Rohit actually got himself a desk job, where they
> expect you to spend time at your desk?

Don't believe the hype. Right now he's on a train to NYC.

> Lufthansa, AC and SAS definitely fly into Israel. Don't think United does.

Going to Israel would be cool. Oy! Eve would be proud of me.

> And once I'm bothering to respond to something with the outrageous
> subject line this thing bears, let me tackle it as well (that's why I
> cc:d it to Joe & Tim & Adam).

What do I have to do with this?

> What is this crap?? I mean, I can understand FoRK being a fun
> place to post all kinds of nonsense to, and pure-bit-geek that
> I am, I get a kick out of it too, generally. I'd never try to change
> the overall mix of stuff on the list.

I would, but it wouldn't do any good anyway.

> But dragging the worst of Usenet trash into a supposedly 'clueful'
> forum does FoRK a real disservice, imho.

Naw. It's specifically there to drive people away.

> Part of cluefulness is tolerance and basic courtesy I think.

Yeah, I think intolerant people should be shot!!!

> There's a difference between irrelevant bits and offensive ones.
> This stuff is clearly the latter.

Well, we always like to stay aware of stuff other people want
to censor from the Net. Unfortunately, this often means sitting
through lots of porn and dirty words. It's a tough job, but
someone's gotta do it.

> Worse, it opens up the list for other responses:
> ------
> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 12:55:52 -0500 (CDT)
> From: Robert Malone <>
> To: FoRK U 2 <>
> Subject: Re: Canada is just Mexico for White People
> so what does that make america, just an asshole between two overgrown
> buttcheeks?

Hey, I was proud, this was like his first contribution to the list or

> gigo
> -----

One of my favorite service policies.

> Unless I'm mistaken, this Robert Malone ain't no FoRKer.

Actually, he is. He's a lurker.

> I'm assuming
> that this is some bizarre thread Tim got into somewhere else and
> 'humourously' cc'd to FoRK, with the bozos out there now following
> the scent back to us. And Joe: You're just encouraging him. Stop it :-).

I like the whole JoeB/TimB relationship on FoRK. You can cut the
implicit sexual tension between them with a knife...

> This is kinda like that GreenDay thread Adam got started a while ago.

Actually, I wasn't going to FoRK that; Rohit specifically asked me to.

> Lesson: be wary of crossposts. They rarely turn out the way you'd expect.

Then again, the unexpected does make life more interesting.

> Anarchic sessions composed of ad hoc process collaborations should
> carefully select which processes they wish to have join, and set their
> ACLs accordingly (to use Infospheres-speak).

Anarchic sessions composed of ad hoc processes are my PhD thesis topic:

Man, am I in trouble...


Everything is deeply intertwingled.
-- Ted Nelson