Re: Word ate my homework

Robert Harley (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 22:43:30 +0200 (MET DST)

Rohit-san wrote:
>PS. Reminders that I should install Linux on my laptop and run emacs will
>be sent to /dev/null.

Hey Rohit, you know that Emacs keeps a copy of the original version of
your file and saves every x keystrokes or after y seconds if you're
not typing, and if the file can't be written it will save in ~/%backup%
instead and if you disconnect in the middle of a session, keeps a copy
and suggests that you Esc-X recover next time you start it and...
basically you couldn't lose your work if you tried.

Now if you really must, go ahead and convert these z bits into
z.k.T.ln 2 joules of heat and thereby contribute to the death of the
universe. But dude, /dev/null is sooooh passe'!!! Instead, check out
the Zen Buddhist temple at A genuine 400
year-old temple, Daioh, has opened a sub-temple on the Internet,
Jomoh, to hold virtual memorial services for lost information. There
is life after heat-death! Forward your entropy to priest Shokyu Ishiko!
I kid you not!

-- Wrob.