RE: NuLA dot ORG is up!

Joe Barrera (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 15:00:13 -0700

Other comments.

The NuLA page has a pointer to, which in turn is a
very not-ready-for-prime-time site, full of misspellings and "Lorem
ipsum"s and broken links (not to mention the NetScrape ass-kissing).

For that matter, the NuLA site itself has several spelling and
grammatical errors. For example, has a
sentence that begins, "All logo's graphics, and brands...." which should
instead begin, "All logos, graphics, and brands..." You should get
someone to copyedit the site.

Finally... I thought "Under Construction" signs were frowned upon by the
web-site-designer elite; am I wrong?

- Joe (