Re: NuLA dot ORG is up!

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 10:54:50 -0500

> (are you guys using 256 colors or thousands or what? It is *slightly*
> dithered on my Mac at 256 and fine with other resolutions, but nothing bad
> even at 256.)

Alas, I'm stuck with 8-bit. It's interesting, though, that the main logo
doesn't suffer from the same problem -- It looks great. And the magentas are
considerably different between the logo and the legend gif. The green hues are
the same, aside from the moire pattern stubble.

> No I wanted to pull your eyes from right to left. Since so much is
> centered, and black on red, I wanted visual clues embedded.

I can deal with that. In that case, I'd still want to feather the right edge,
but then there are so many other sharp edges on the page, I suppose it fits.

Other nits:

> While Bryce C. Bryce was puzzling ... and hopes it ...

... and hoping it ...

> Certainty by now

CertainLy not.

> Bryce's annonymous


> eminent release

imminent release. It may indeed become conspicuous, but not while it remains a
mere threat and not a reality.


ensures ex-gallstones
Ernest loses Alex's gnu
Ernest ogles Alex's Sun
Ernest senses lux goal
Ernest uses long axles
Ernest x-es lounge lass
extol urn agelessness
Gaulle -- oxes' sternness
Guns 'n Roses'
LAX's less generous net
Los Angeles' Sunset X-er
lug one less sax, Ernest
NeXTs are long useless
nun's sexless alter ego
O urgent, senseless LAX
Re: Axl tonguelessness
rogue netless laxness
Rolex entangles Seuss
sensual leg extensors
useless ox entanglers