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For years I wore $2 rubber thongs, the type they sell in bins at
drugstores with stickers denoting the size. (No socks, of course.) Even
though they wore out in a little under a year, the important thing was
that I had minimized dollar-per-footwear-year.

The beginning of the end was when I moved from California to Pittsburgh
with its sub-freezing winters. I would ride my bike to CMU and my feet
would get cold. I didn't mind too much, but Juliet (my spouse) objected
when my big-toe toenails first turned permanently blue and eventually
fell off. (This really happened.)

I compromised by wearing boat shoes without socks. The advantage of boat
shoes is that they look much like real shoes, but they still don't
require lacing or unlacing to put on or off.

Today, sad to say, I often wear socks as well, and I even occasionally
wear shoes with functional laces. (Let's see, they say Eastland on them,
and they're somewhere in-between boat shoes and hiking shoes - they're
good for walking in downtown San Francisco, especially with the hills.)

(What the *hell* am I doing writing this when I should be working on my

- Joe

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>Hey, you mean you've definitively abandoned sandals held together by
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